Hive - energy efficiency database

In Europe, 40% of Energy is consumed in the buildings. But… how much does consume, really the building where I live? Where most of energy is consumed, for space heating, or water heating, or for domestic appliances, or for cooling?

The Energy Performance Certificate is a valuable tool to assess the energy consumption of a building in standard use condition, so that a possible buyer is informed when choosing between 2 houses, which one will require more energy.

But it doesn't tell much about the real consumption, in real use conditions.

That's why we created Hive, an easy to use but powerful tool which will help us to map, monitor and understand energy consumption in the buildings, even in the most complex ones. That's the first, concrete step we need to take in order design an action strategy to reduce energy consumption in our building!

Hive is specially suited for those who are in charge of administrate houses and buildings, those who operate in the energy retrofitting of existing buildings, and those who are active in the low energy construction sector.


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